HD Car Digital TV Receiver with MPEG-4

It is with 2digital TV Antenna. 
It can be connected car stereo with DVD, or external monitor / TV or any screen with AUX in
or Audio Video (AV) in connector.
Following Digital TV channels can be watched with it.
SVT1, SVT2, TV4, TV6, SVT1 HD, SVT2 HD, 24NT, 24Corren, 24Norrbotten, 24 UNT
TV Finland, SVT1 Talande Testremsa, SVT2 Talande Testremsa,, SVTB/SVT24, Kunskapskanalen 
Local TV Folketinget, TV2 Regions, DR HD, DR K, DR Ramasjang, DR Update, DR2, DR1
NRK1, NRK2, NRK3/Super, TV 2, TV 2 Zebra, TV 2 Bliss, TVNorge, Fem, Max, Vox, TV 3, Viasat4, NRK's 12 
YLE TV1, YLE TV2, MTV3, Nelonen, YLE Fem, Sub, YLE Teema, Liv, Jim, TV5, The Voice, FOX, AVA, 
Iskelmä/Harju & Pöntinen, Estradi, YLE HD, MTV3 HD, 
DVB-T HDTV (MPEG4 AVC/H.264) receiver for car
* Mini Mobile HD / SD DVB-T receiver two tuners
* High definition
* CE & RoHS
1. Use Dib-com 9090M high-performance chip
2. Speed ??of 230 km / h min (at 8k, 64QAM, CR 2 / 3, GI1 / 8)
3. High Doppler effect correction.
4. Give the antenna power supply function for pair use with mobile active antenna
5. Over 1000 TV channels and radio programmable
6. Channel list editing
7. Favorite channel list editing
8. Support USB interface, MP3 and MP4
9. PIG (Picture in Graphic) support.
10. 3 sets of video output for tourist bus and vent to install with 3monitors
11. On-screen channel information
12. UBS for Software Upgrade
13. OSD reletext (DVB ETS 300 706) and subtitle (EU model)
14. VBI teletet support (EU model)
15. Quick search for high speed driving and cross different area
16. Wide DC power input from DC 12-24V, suitable for CAR
17. A set of AV input for other DVD / GPS / game application
We can even install it in your car at very good price.

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DVB-T Digital TV Receiver

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